Structure and organisation of courses on the Master’s programme

Project workshops
Students on the Master’s programme are divided into three workshop groups. Each group is led by a workshop supervisor, who in consultation with his or her teaching colleagues determines the contents and the objectives of the workshop, as well as the associated subjects taught. A team of mentors supervise the project workshops. These are either designated by the workshop supervisors according to criteria relevant to the specific discipline or may be freely chosen by the students. These mentors teach specific (mostly technical) aspects related to the respective theme of the project within the scope of lectures, seminars and tutorials and may either be appointed from among the faculty teaching staff or teaching staff from other higher education establishments, or be freelancers from the scientific and artistic community who have accepted a teaching assignment.
The entire curriculum is presented to the students at the beginning of each semester in an introductory session. Afterwards the students opt for the project workshop of their choice.

Pool of free elective subjects
During the first three semesters of the Master’s programme, free elective subjects are assigned to the different project workshops. These correspond to the subject matter of the workshops, but do not necessarily have to be integrated into the projects. Taken from the various topic areas, these free electives are taught in the form of draft projects, lectures, tutorials and other teaching methods. The topic areas they are taken from are theory, representation and technology.

Intermediate review, attestations and end-of-semester report
For the design projects with a thematic focus, weekly correction rounds and reviews take place within the scope of the project workshops with the respective workshop supervisor and mentors. In addition, joint colloquia are organised at which teaching staff and students give a critical appraisal of the results. Here, the faculty strives as frequently as possible to invite guest reviewers to attend individual modules.

Project week: Workshop & Excursions 
Each semester, a project week alternating with an excursion week provides an opportunity to study specific topics from the various fields of study in depth or to discover places of particular architectural interest. These courses take place in the form of block seminars, workshops or excursions. The project and excursion weeks are also organised in cooperation with the Hochschule für Bildende Künste des Saarlandes and the partner universities in the region and in other European countries.


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