Course focus

The Master’s programme is designed to give students the opportunity to consolidate their knowledge and focus on different subjects and areas of specialisation, while also schooling interdisciplinary competence.
The focus of the Master’s programme is on the scientific and artistic study of urban spaces and the architectural and structural design of commercial projects. Particular consideration is given to the position of the architect in a time characterised by structural and demographic change and conversion of society.
The course is intended to support students’ development as independent personalities characterised by an interdisciplinary, cooperative and creative way of thinking and acting.

Basic structure of the Master’s programme

The Master’s programme takes a project-based approach. Design is taught as a core competence. Consequently, most of the teaching takes place in project workshops, supplemented by lectures, seminars and tutorials. The course contents are modular and are intended to complement or consolidate the work done in the workshops. Students can choose an area of specialisation from a range of optional subjects. Thematic focuses include conversion, urban spaces, architecture, construction and art.

Interdisciplinary and international orientation
The Master’s programme prepares students for an internationally recognised academic degree, which paves the way for graduates to continue studying or work abroad. The project-based course of study is enhanced by interdisciplinary and interna- tional cooperation with other local, regional and trans-border higher education establishments. Long-term cooperation projects exist with the Hochschule für Bildende Kunst (HBK Saar), Saarland University and the Ecole d’Architecture de Nancy.

Career opportunities and prospects
The Master’s degree is a prerequisite for registration with the Chamber of Architects. It is awarded after a standard study period of 10 semesters and therefore complies with the UIA validation system. Graduates are thus qualified to:

• Register with the Chamber of Architects after two years of practice in the profession
• Admission to the senior civil service
• Admission to PhD studies in cooperation with a university, for example Saarland University, which cooperates with the htw saar in this field.

The high practical relevance and interdisciplinary orientation of the Master’s programme enables graduates to start work immediately in architectural firms, construction companies or other sectors.


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